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    Most of those in power in our country who say they're promoting peace are actually paving the way for WAR, appeasing our enemies and hollowing out our military!
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    Democrats in Congress spent the night debating whether Earth was flat or not. Well, it was actually global warming, but might as well be the same thing.
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    What good would building the Keystone Pipeline do for national security when climate change is equally as concerning as the Russia/Ukraine issue! [Tongue planted firmly in cheek]

Happy Fat (Budget) Tuesday from President Obama


While many Americans are celebrating Fat Tuesday in anticipation of the season of Lent that begins tomorrow, the President has dropped a brand new “fat” budget proposal for fiscal year 2015.

Heritage Foundation experts have begun digging into the proposal, and they’re documenting the increases in federal involvement and spending. Not only would Obama’s budget add $55 billion in reported additional spending in 2015, it also includes about $1.2 trillion in tax increases.

For a full dissection of the President’s budget, read the live blog here and visit The Foundry tomorrow morning for an infographic guide to the budget.

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