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    Most of those in power in our country who say they're promoting peace are actually paving the way for WAR, appeasing our enemies and hollowing out our military!
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    Democrats in Congress spent the night debating whether Earth was flat or not. Well, it was actually global warming, but might as well be the same thing.
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    What good would building the Keystone Pipeline do for national security when climate change is equally as concerning as the Russia/Ukraine issue! [Tongue planted firmly in cheek]

Only One of These Makes the Country Work

The contrast could not be more stark.

While President Obama releases his ideal budget for the year today—lauding government as the source of success in America—Heritage President Jim DeMint releases his new book about the individuals who are making this country work, one day at a time.

“America’s greatness is found in its individuals, not in the collective,” DeMint says. “Countries succeed when the individual is put first; they fail when they’re replaced with the collective.”

This goes against a pervasive theme on the left. Remember when a video at the 2012 Democratic National Convention proclaimed that “Government is the only thing that we all belong to”? Or perhaps you’ve heard the oft-quoted line attributed to Representative Barney Frank (D-MA): “Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”

It’s that philosophy that undergirds the President’s budget proposal.

His vision is spending taxpayers’ money connecting innovators at universities and businesses, rather than letting them innovate free of government intervention. He continues to push universal pre-K and expanding the sadly failed Head Start program.

Obama boasts that his budget will “create new jobs.” But government can’t really fix our jobs problem. It could help by cutting back on the regulations, expanding energy production, and getting a handle on spending and debt, but those aren’t in Obama’s agenda. Instead, he relies on taxpayers to prop up programs that would create the appearance of government doing something.

DeMint’s new book, Falling in Love with America Again, highlights individuals across the country who are actually doing something. These people and organizations are building their communities—because they are in their communities. Unlike the federal government, they are close enough to see the needs and discern how they can help.

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“We need innovative ideas that bypass the federal government and put individuals back in control,” DeMint says.

While President Obama touts the power and reach of the federal government, DeMint shares stories of people who have stood up to an overreaching government. More importantly, these Americans have conquered obstacles like immigration, drug addiction, lawsuits, and failing schools to achieve their dreams.

Only one of these approaches truly works.

Learn more about Senator DeMint’s book here.

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