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    Most of those in power in our country who say they're promoting peace are actually paving the way for WAR, appeasing our enemies and hollowing out our military!
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    Democrats in Congress spent the night debating whether Earth was flat or not. Well, it was actually global warming, but might as well be the same thing.
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    What good would building the Keystone Pipeline do for national security when climate change is equally as concerning as the Russia/Ukraine issue! [Tongue planted firmly in cheek]

Dr. Ben Carson's Fund Honors Kirk Cameron

On April 6th, the Carson Scholars Fund, founded by Dr. Ben Carson and which “awards students who have embraced high levels of academic excellence and community service with $1,000 college scholarships,” publicly recognized three other individuals who have made a mark in their chosen fields, including Kirk Cameron.

In addition to Christian television star Cameron, the fund honored Aubrey Chernick, a technology and media powerhouse and philanthropist, and Baltimore Orioles legendary third baseman Brooks Robinson. 

Cameron was given the Power of Excellence Award “for demonstrating excellence in his career and becoming a positive role model.” 

Chernick was honored with the Leadership Award for “positively impacting society with innovative ideas, accomplishments, and philosophies.” 

The Sonya Award was given to Robinson, recognizing him as an individual who “demonstrates the drive, determination, commitment and perseverance of Dr. Carson’s mother, Sonya.”

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