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    Most of those in power in our country who say they're promoting peace are actually paving the way for WAR, appeasing our enemies and hollowing out our military!
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    Democrats in Congress spent the night debating whether Earth was flat or not. Well, it was actually global warming, but might as well be the same thing.
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    What good would building the Keystone Pipeline do for national security when climate change is equally as concerning as the Russia/Ukraine issue! [Tongue planted firmly in cheek]

Hobby Lobby ‘Very Excited’ After Okla. School Adopts Bible Course Developed by Company’s President

Hobby Lobby is thrilled after the Mustang, Okla., school board voted to adopt a Bible course developed by the company’s president, Steve Green, on April 14. The vote was approved by a vote 4-0 with one abstaining, said Jerry Pattengale of the Green Scholars Initiative, which is overseeing the project.

“Our hats are off to the Mustang School, because they actually contacted us,” Pattengale told Glenn Beck Wednesday. “They were contemplating some kind of a course like this … and they wanted to be the first one to do it.”

Customers walk into a Hobby Lobby Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012, in Dallas. An arts and craft supply chain that wants to block enforcement of part of a new health care law that requires employers to cover insurance costs for the morning-after pill and the week-after pill is heading to court. Credit: AP

Customers walk into a Hobby Lobby Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012, in Dallas. The arts and craft supply chain is fighting a part of the Affordable Care Act requiring employers to cover insurance costs for Plan B and other birth control methods. (AP Photo)

Pattengale said the Oklahoma school is one of the largest in the state, and after the test program was announced, a flood of students rushed to sign up. He said everyone involved, from Hobby Lobby to the students to the professors are “very excited” about the course.

While the American Civil Liberties Union in Oklahoma has warned that it will be closely monitoring the program “to ensure no students… have their right of religious liberty compromised,” the Washington Post notes that there is nothing unconstitutional about an objective study of the Bible or religious topics.

The Post references a 1963 Supreme Court ruling that states: “Nothing we have said here indicates that such study of the Bible … when presented objectively as part of a secular program of education, may not be effected consistently with the First Amendment.”

Beck praised the decision, saying that while it is important to have a comprehensive education, there is no singular book more valuable than the Bible.

“You could use that book and that book alone and teach a man to be a great man,” he said.

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